Get Beautiful Custom Stonework

Get Beautiful Custom Stonework

Find a licensed general contractor in Billings, Bozeman or Lockwood, MT to install your stone features

Custom stonework makes a beautiful addition to any yard. A stone veneer adds a classic beauty to you home and a stone walkway installation can help section out the lawn to make it more visually appealing, while kickouts and accent pieces can add interest to the landscape. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, you should turn to Big Sky Exterior Designs in Billings, Bozeman or Lockwood, MT.

We offer comprehensive custom stonework services, and we're known for being great with design work. Reach out today to consult with us about your project.

Offering 3 types of stone to choose from

If you're interested in a stone walkway installation, it's important to decide which type of stone you want to use. We offer three main options:

River Rock - This style creates the look of a natural river bed with round, flat, multicolored stones.
Mountain Ledge Panels - These rectangular stones come in various shades of brown, black and gray and give the exterior an interesting look.
Weather Edge - This style is similar to a combination of Mountain Ledge and cobblestone, coming together to create a rough surface with a warm tone.

We can create stone veneers and wainscoting with any of these styles. To view examples in person, schedule an appointment today.