TruGuard Siding

TruWood Old Mill Shingle Siding

The look you want, the price you need and the best warranty in the industry.

TruWood Old Mill Shingle Siding offers your home the rich look of split shingle architectural accents while being less expensive and more durable than cedar. It is engineered to resist splitting and cracking and is cut at a convenient 4' length to make it easier to install. TruWood also comes with a 30-year limited warranty, the best in the industry, that is also fully transferable!

A bit more about TruWood:

  • The Sure Lock profile: Locks siding in place every time, assuring straight, level installation, saving time and money. Provides a smooth, nail-free surface.
  • Quality engineered surface and core: TruWood Siding is designed specifically to eliminate splitting, cracking and checking, resulting in a more attractive finished project.
  • 16' lengths: Cut for optimal versatility, the 16' lengths result in less cutting and less waste. The 1/2 thickness produces a solid panel.
  • 30 year limited warranty: TruWood siding offers the best warranty in the industry and it's fully transferable. See complete warranty for details.
  • Uses: Whether you are a professional builder or a do-it-yourself-er, TruWood Siding delivers style and impact to residential single-family and multi-family housing projects.

If you're considering new siding, look no further than TruGuard!

If you're considering new siding, look no further than TruGuard!

TruGuard products are available through Big Sky Exterior Designs in Billings, MT

TruGuard prefinished siding combines the strengths of TruWood Sure Lock Siding covered with Duckback Products Solid Color Professional Finish to provide a 15-year coating warranty. TruGuard prefinished siding using a quality coating applied with the time proved Northwest Factory Finishing process will provide all the beauty and protection that is possible from a finish.

Benefits of the Northwest Factory Finishing Process:

  • No weather delays which allows for year round installation
  • All coatings applied in a factory controlled environment
  • Boards arrive at job site with a consisted specified mil, or thickness, of coating on every piece
  • High solids coatings for ultimate durability and protection
  • Superior packaging process to ensure quality
  • Best value per square foot when compared to field application

Featured at Big Sky Exterior Designs:

Featured at Big Sky Exterior Designs:

The Triguard Deeptone Collection

The Triguard Deeptone Collection highlights the wood grain pattern and texture of TruWood Sure Lock Siding while delivering a dsitinctively varied and rustic real wood look with a 15-year coating warranty.

Triguard Deeptone Collection colors include:

  • Tamarack
  • Ash
  • Barley
  • Antler
  • Boulder
  • Garnet
  • Sage
  • Russet
  • Alpine
  • Driftwood
  • Kodiak

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